Oxygen & CPAP

STREATOR DRUGS along with franchise partner CONVACARE offers home and portable oxygen equipment and supplies.  Our trained delivery technician and respiratory specialist will bring your equipment to your home.

For those patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, we can provide CPAP and BiPAP equipment and mask supplies.  We also offer an automatic supply delivery program to make sure your filters, masks and supplies are delivered on a regular schedule.


We bill Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance companies.

If you are currently using another supplier for your respiratory needs but would rather receive the personal attention and service you can only receive  from your local drugstore stop by STREATOR DRUGS or call us at 815-672-9688.  Making the switch is fast and easy!

Oxygen Orders & Documentation

Physicians Order must include:

Patient’s Name & Date of Birth
Type of Oxygen being ordered (Home / Portable / both)
Oxygen flow rate – (2-Lpm, 2-4Lpm, 3-Lpm pulse, etc.)
How the Oxygen is to be delivered (nasal cannual / mask)
When Oxygen is to be administered (nocturnal, continuous, etc.)
Patient’s qualifying Diagnosis
Length of need – how long will the patient need to use Oxygen
Physician’s Signature & Date

Supporting Medical Need Documentation

Documentation that supports the need for the Oxygen.  This documentation should not be written on the prescription, but be in the form of report (nurse’s notes, report forms, etc.) with the date and time the testing was performed. The supporting documentation should be faxed with order or as soon as possible.  Supporting documentation is used for billing purposes and sometimes to assist in setting up the patient and ongoing patient training.